InstaDebit Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games at both brick and mortar and web-based casinos, largely due to the fact many players can join in at the same time. Chances are you will see a great diversity of roulette variations in the most reputable online casinos. Roulette is preferred by many players because the game is suitable for beginners as well. Even though roulette is predominantly a game of chance, some skill and dexterity are also required in order to minimize the house’s edge and turn the odds in your favor.

Of course for most enthusiastic players, participating in a game without being able to place a bet is not as much fun (if at all) as when they’re playing for real money. Fortunately many web casinos give players the opportunity to try out the games of roulette in Practice Mode to become better acquainted with them and improve their skills prior to making a deposit. Once they’ve tested the games it would be much easier to win a substantial amount when they fund their accounts, with iDebit for example.

It’s no wonder in the last couple of years, roulette fans around the world are paying more and more attention to one particular method of payment, namely iDebit or as it was formerly known – InstaDebit. InstaDebit has become the banking method of choice of a great number of players in general and this is justified as the Canada-based payment processor has plenty of advantages up its sleeve.

Creating an InstaDebit account

Most roulette lovers choose InstaDebit because of its simplified and speedy registration process which enables them to deposit their money and start spinning the wheel almost right after they’ve created their accounts. All that’s required is filling in your personal and banking information in the form. Your InstaDebit account is immediately linked to the bank account you’ve specified during registration. No credit card or account activation are required either, which makes it even more convenient for players.

There is no need to worry in regard to the personal and financial information you’ve provided during the registration process as InstaDebit does not disclose any details to third parties such as the online casino operator you’ve deposited money with.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Transactions with InstaDebit only take minutes to complete, that’s why so many players find it a convenient deposit method. Once the registration form has been filled, you will be asked to select your bank and log in with your online banking account. The account now is ready to use.

As soon as registration is complete, you can visit the casino’s website and select InstaDebit from the listed deposit options. Then the sum you wish to deposit needs to be specified. Once done with that, you can sign into your InstaDebit account and confirm the transaction. Even though no activation of one’s InstaDebit account is required, if you wish to deposit a more substantial sum, you’ll have to go through a verification process.

Withdrawing money with InstaDebit works on the same principle but make sure your favorite casino accepts it as a cash-out method since not all of them do. What you’re required to do is logging into your casino account and selecting InstaDebit as your preferred withdrawal method in the Cashier’s menu. However, players need to take into consideration, cashing out with InstaDebit may take up to five business days, depending on the method, used to withdraw the funds from the InstaDebit account. Withdrawing via cheques and money orders takes less time – they are mailed in no more than two days.


Another reason why this payment method is so popular among players are the minimal fees it charges. Both registering with an account and depositing money from your InstaDebit balance are, naturally, free of charge.

The same does not apply to making payments with online banking, however. If you wish to load your InstaDebit account from a debit or a credit card, for example, you will be required to part with a small sum, amounting to €1 or $1,50 USD/CAD.

On the other hand, transferring money from your InstaDebit balance to your bank account will cost you $2 or the same amount in the currency you use. Of course, if currency conversion is required you will be charged with another reasonable fee. When currency is converted, the current foreign exchange rates are applied.


Security is InstaDebit’s top priority it seems, as the company employs a number of methods to protect its customers from misappropriations, frauds and identity thefts. This is probably the number one reason why players choose it as a banking method in online casinos.

What makes InstaDebit so safe? First of all, the fact no personal and financial data is disclosed to anyone as your bank-related information is not revealed to merchants, or in this case to casino operators.

Then again all transactions to and from your InstaDebit account are closely monitored by security certification firms. What’s more, if you want to deposit money from your InstaDebit account, you will have to confirm the transaction yourself.

The latest 128-bit encryption technologies are used to protect all sensitive information you share. In addition, a bank authentication may be required to make sure, you’re the one the InstaDebit account belongs to.

Where to Play Roulette With InstaDebit

Web-based casinos offer popular variations of the game on their websites, including French (this one is the classic version), European and American roulette. The latter is different from the previous two as there are 38 colored and numbered pockets on the wheel as opposed to the 37 pockets in French and European roulette.

Players must bear in mind rules of the three types vary, though slightly – for example, in the French variant of the game, the “La Partage” rule exists which offers fair chance to players who place an even money bet. If the ball falls in the zero pocket, they are instantly entitled to half of the bet they’ve placed.

There is a great number of online casinos which accept payments and withdrawals with InstaDebit. For example, you can use this banking method to play roulette for real money in as the operator lists InstaDebit among its accepted methods of payment. At their website you will find various versions of this popular table game of luck, including French and American High Limit roulette, Roulette Pro, Low Stakes Roulette and 3D Roulette.

Another reputable casino where players can join in a game of roulette and make a deposit via InstaDebit is the ship-themed Casino Cruise where there are many roulette versions to pick from – Multi-wheel, Multi-player, American and Premier Roulette are some of the options.

Europaplay is a well-known brand name among roulette fans who’ve opted for InstaDebit as their method of payment. Even more so, since the casino offers a 10% bonus when you’re depositing with this e-wallet. Roulette variations at Europaplay include Premium French and European roulette, American roulette and the Marvel-based version which is especially loved by players.

Finally, if you’re a roulette lover yourself, you can always visit and create an account at Casino La Vida as you will surely enjoy its diversity of table games. Of course, you can deposit and withdraw funds into your account via InstaDebit to play your favorite roulette game for real money, be it the Premier, American, European or French version.